Welcome to Frank’s 25th Annual Fall Film Festival!


Twenty-five years. Wow. Who would have thought? Twenty-five years. Thank you for making that happen.

For the next three weeks we again celebrate the unique magic and emotional power of The Movies – the most popular art form the world has ever known.

No other art form can so effortlessly put us in other people’s shoes, transport us to places real and imagined and reveal the human conditions we all share: love, hope, fear, joy, loneliness and doubt.

Eight films have been selected this year representing four countries showcasing the diverse creative forces from around the globe.

This year you can look in to the sometimes funny, sometimes scary world of a man suffering from bipolar disease. Time travel back to World War One as a father prowls a horrific battlefield looking for his three lost sons. Follow the tragic, lethal spiral of addiction of a brilliant, iconic songstress. Enjoy the spark of a 100-year old man who decides his life is far from over. Spend the day with an unconventional grandma and her granddaughter as they try to borrow money from everyone they know.  Watch as an eccentric 19th Century British painter has himself lashed to the mast of a sailing ship so he can paint a storm at sea. Witness the birth of  TV news as we know it today as two brilliant pundits square-off in a political blood sport that left the nation riveted.

Where else can you experience these vicarious moments? Only at The Movies.

So come and sit in the darkened auditorium of The Cinema and look up as the stories unfold before you on the silver screen and the movies’ magical flickering light reflects into your consciousness.

Twenty-five years of film. It has been a rewarding and satisfying experience for me and I hope that those of you who have come along for the ride have added some richness to your life as well through that wondrous, special magic of The Movies.

See you at the movies!


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