Frank's 23rd Annual Fall Film Festival
Frank's 23rd Annual Fall Film Festival

The ten independent films on this year’s schedule celebrate the diversity as well as the magic of the movies – the most popular artform the world has ever known.

This year’s line-up takes you from contemporary New York City to a shocking behind the scenes look at Sea World. From a tragic event at a Bay Area BART station to a monstrous cargo ship being hijacked in the Indian Ocean. From the bright lights of center stage with some of the greatest rock singers of the century to two unknown men working on a lonely country highway ravaged by wildfire. From Shakespeare to Springsteen. Documentaries. Comedies. Love. Intrigue. Drama. It’s all here. The human condition. Our hopes. Our dreams. Our fears.

These movies are special. They are not the product of assembly-line Hollywood but the culmination of a vision. They are not diluted or compromised by marketing strategy, test screenings, political concerns or target audiences. They are not about making money. They are bold visions made by passionate filmmakers who were compelled to make them. Maybe even obsessed with making them. These films, made on limited budgets, search to find their audiences via festivals such as this.

I hope you enjoy this year’s festival as much as I have enjoyed putting it together for you.


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