Welcome to Frank’s 27th Annual Fall Film Festival!


For twenty-seven years we have been happy to bring to Jackson a special, hand-picked selection of films that are out of the movie mainstream. We specifically look for the best, the most interesting and the quirkiest of the year’s independent film titles. Frank’s Fall Film Festival has become a true labor of love and we feel the appreciation from the “festival faithful” who come to the Jackson Hole Cinema for this annual event.

The festival brings to the forefront the wide scope of a great and powerful art form, the world’s most popular art form  — The Cinema!

The Cinema is truly a magical place. A place where strangers go to sit in the dark, look up into a brilliant silver screen and share a common experience. They laugh together. Cry together. Hope together. Love together. They watch as the human experience is presented in many ways and from the point of view of many cultures and nationalities. They watch the themes of life that matter to us all — love, fear, mortality, eternity, life, death — unfold.  It is a special and uniquely human experience.

Some people believe the Cinema is someday going to be a thing of the past, replaced by the impersonal technology that already invades our lives, replaced by technology that isolates you from your community rather than bring you together. I don’t believe that. So much would be lost. The world would be a much poorer place should that ever happen.

This year’s eleven Frank’s festival films were selected from nearly 50 films considered and include films made in or set in nine countries.


As usual Franks Film Festival will offer the popular Festival Passport allowing entry to all the films. Week 2 discounted Passports are available now at the Box Office! See the second week of films (6 films) for only $45 ($35 for Seniors)!

All films will be shown at The Jackson Hole Twin Cinema.

Festival dates are September 15-28, 2017

See you at the movies!


Thank you Jackson Hole for making the 27th Frank's Film Festival a success!
I hope you enjoyed seeing the films as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you.
I'm already looking forward to next year.
— Frank

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