Frank's 24th Annual Fall Film Festival
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Frank's Fall Film Festival at the Twin Cinema

Welcome to Frank’s 24th Annual Fall Film Festival!

For two weeks, eleven films from seven countries will unfold and celebrate the unique magic and emotional power of the Movies – the most popular art form the world has ever known.

No other art form can so effortlessly reveal the human conditions we all share: love, hope, fear, joy, loneliness and doubt.  No other art form can so realistically bridge time and space. No other art form can so easily allow the artist’s imagination to run wild giving us the opportunity to experience, in a real-life way, situations, customs, time periods and places otherwise impossible to visit.

What if the movies had never been invented? No Wizard Of Oz. No Casablanca. No Lawrence Of Arabia. No Godfather. No Star Wars. No Gone With The Wind. I shudder at the thought of my life without these celluloid memories.

I love the movies. Where else but at the movies could you meet such a wide array of characters face-to-face as you will in this year’s festival? English magicians in the Cote d'Azur, an alien being in human form prowling Scotland, a lonely Korean housewife trying desperately to connect to her neglectful husband, an American boy who miraculously grows up before our very eyes, a courageous and wonderful man who loved The Movies as no one else, two friends eating and arguing their way through Italy, Polish immigrants bravely coming to America looking for a better life, an Irish priest struggling with his faith and courage, a married couple trying to rediscover what made them fall in love many years ago,  a man alone in his car on his way to London talking on his cell phone frantically dealing with his life as it comes apart and a hard drinking, chain-smoking German spymaster.

Only at the movies.

What a varied and wild ride you will undertake as you sit in a darkened auditorium in The Cinema, looking up and watching as the movies’ magical flickering light bounces off the silver screen and into your consciousness.

See you at the movies,


  Download the festival flier here.  
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