Welcome to Frank’s 26th Annual Fall Film Festival!


The festival, as always, aims to be a modest celebration of the unique and emotional power of the world’s most popular art form – The Movies!

While we depend, love and appreciate the big-budgeted, heavily-marketed, Hollywood Blockbusters that make up such a large part of our business and which reach the largest segment of the movie-going public, we have grown to especially enjoy annually bringing unique and unusual independent films to our little festival. These films do not have a big marketing budget and so rely on word-of-mouth, research, and curiosity to reach its smaller but passionate audience.

They are independent films, made by dedicated filmmakers whose primary interest is seeing the film made and the story told and not necessarily to make lots of money. You have to respect that.

If you think about it, Movies are really wonderful things. We probably take them too much for granted. The recorded moving image has become the treasury of our past, a window on our present and a glimpse into our future. No other art form can so effortlessly transport us to times and places, real and imagined and, in doing so, artistically reveal the human conditions we all share: love, hope, fear, loneliness and doubt.

This year ten films have been selected. These ten films represent the diverse creative talents from four countries and will take you to a secluded Icelandic valley, a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, the New Zealand bush, a Midwestern college, the tough streets of 1980’s Dublin, the improv comedy stages of New York City and the elite, high society life of the British steeplechase circuit.

So, for the next two weeks, come and sit in the darkened auditoriums of The Cinema and enjoy some of the most critically acclaimed, unique, crowd-pleasing movies of the year.

As always, I hope to see you at the movies!


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